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Ford : F-150 Ranger 1977 Ford F-150 4×4 Short Bed For Sale

1977 Ford F-150 4X4 Short bed I rescued this truck from a ranch in north eastern Wyoming for a frame off restoration The truck was running when they parked it , had over heating problems . Since that someone tried working on it and left the hood open with no air cleaner , this is when I purchased it . Have not tried turning the engine over , pulled the plugs and they had rust on them so I am assuming that the motor is froze up sprayed all the cylinders with WD 40 and replac3ed the plugs . The engine is a 351 m 400 attached to a four speed manual transmission and four wheel drive The body is in rough condition but restorable , rust through over both rear wheels but can get patch panels from LMC or other sources I do know that the backing plate brake shoes and springs are missing on the right real wheel , but also replacemants are available . The interior is in tack but again would recomend changing The starter and hood hinges are in the passenger floorboard , when I got it the hood was half off , so hinges will have to be replaced . All and all its in good enough shape to make a great builder . Unable to work on it at this time and cant see just letting it sit there and rust. Thes short beds are getting harder and harder to find that havent been completely scraped . Unsure of the milage

Ford : F-150 Ranger 1977 Ford F-150 4x4 Short Bed

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